Care | That You Want | On Your Terms

I believe that we all need support, wisdom and nurturing at some point during our lives. Through our work together, we will look at what is relevant to you and your understanding of what you are experiencing. I will help you develop compassion for yourself and a belief that you really are doing the best you can – no matter what that little voice in your head says. With that, we can really begin to explore and develop a more authentic sense of self. My commitment is to support you through your current challenges and return to a healthier and more fulfilled person in the process. My belief as a therapist is to create and maintain a level of transparency, integrity, and honesty. In doing so, we can start the gentle process of unraveling the chaos and harmony that creates you.

And there will be humor. You will laugh. That will happen.

Over the last 20 years, I have had the pleasure of working with people from many different walks of life in many different capacities. Through those experiences I realized that, in order to fulfill my duty, desire and honor as a therapist, it is critical to value and respect the therapeutic relationship that we build together. Such relationships can be comforting, healing, and transformative, in ways that often surprise us. It is my goal to help you create the change that you want to see, feel and become.

I believe that counseling is just one part of your life’s journey. We do the best we can everyday, but having genuine support through those rough patches can benefit anyone at any point. My role as a therapist is to be present with you wherever you need to go to heal. You will quickly learn that there is no “magic” trick to solving anything. It takes many shapes and requires dedication to the process. Whatever the path, it will take the form it needs to throughout our work together. I will challenge you. I will tell you things you may not want to hear. We will explore places that are hard to go to. But above all, you will have the opportunity to heal and grow a strong respect for yourself. My ultimate hope is that you will be able to journey forward feeling freer, lighter, and more at peace with your authentic self.